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      Terms and Conditions of Trade

      Saxon Appliances Limited

      The following constitutes the terms and conditions of business between us, the Supplier of goods and services, and you, the Client:

      Risk Buying Goods

      All goods bought by you from us are sold with the understanding that you know the legal requirements for fitting electrical goods and that we are not responsible for any injury or damage caused by incorrect fitting of any goods sold by us. We cannot warrant any goods returned as faulty unless evidence that it has been installed by a person with the appropriate qualifications. No refunds for misuse, incorrect diagnosis or change of mind. Your legal rights are not affected.

      Goods Returns Policy

      We do our utmost to ensure you receive the correct part you require. We do not return parts or refund for misuse, incorrect diagnosis or change of mind or you no longer want the part. Your legal rights are not affected. If for any reason a part is returned by Trade Account Holders then a minimum 25% restocking fee will apply. In all cases a GRA (Goods Return Authority) form is to accompany every part and request for return within seven (7) days of purchase.

      Details Of The Assessment Fee

      Assessment Fee: This fee is payable before we carry out any assessment on your product and is not refundable. The Assessment Fee covers dismantling and assessment to give you an estimate for repairs. This fee is not refundable if your appliance is found to be not worth the repair and if you require it to be reassembled then a further labour time to do so will be charged and payable before reassembling takes place. Costs for reassembling an appliance is not part of the Assessment Fee. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, then the assessment fee will be deducted from your final bill, all estimates provided will be net of assessment fee (i.e. the assessment fee will already be deducted from it).

      Price and Estimates


      • Are valid for 30 days
      • Must be confirmed before work commences
      • Are net of assessment fee (assessment fee already deducted)
      • Can change prior to agreement due to circumstances beyond our control
      • Can be withdrawn without explanation prior to confirmation
      • Can vary if further faults are found or it takes longer than estimated time. We at all times try our best to ensure we provide accurate estimates.


      We operate cash/credit/eftpos payment unless you hold cooperate account with us. Payment is required at the time of collection or as soon as work has been completed. We expect call out charge to be paid upfront and this call out fee will be deducted from the final cost. Unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.


      Any goods and materials supplied by us shall remain our property until paid for it in full. If any money remains unpaid or you are in breach of any obligation to us, we are authorised by you to enter your premises to recover and resell any or all of those goods and materials.

      Uncollected Product

      Repaired products not collected will be stored for three (3) months after the repair is completed, and will be disposed of after that time – Product not repaired and not collected will be disposed of after twenty (20) working days – as per advice from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.


      It is your responsibility to remove appliances, such as clothes dryers and range-hoods, from the wall for servicing.

      You shall give us access to the appliance and provide proper facilities for carrying out the work.

      You shall inform us of any hazards in the ‘work area’ to which we may be exposed in working on your premises.

      Time to Completion

      We will complete the work within a reasonable time and will endeavour to meet any target date you make known to us. Should it be necessary to work outside ordinary working hours to meet your completion target or due to any other circumstances outside our control, you shall be liable for any extra cost incurred. We are not liable for any delay or damage caused directly or indirectly by weather conditions, labour disputes, strikes, accidents, fire, failure of manufacturer/supplier to deliver and any other events beyond our reasonable control.


      We guarantee that we will remedy any defective workmanship and replace any faulty material that is reported to us within 90 days of completion of the work. This performance guarantee does not extend to any goods or materials supplied by you. In the case of work covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, this warranty is in addition to any rights you may have under the Act.


      All disputes or differences arising in connection with work done or payments should be done in writing within 7 days.

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